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Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Cleanser Shampoo, 200ml

Rs 70


Hair cleanser - Safety for hair and treatment for diseases. This gives beauty to the hairs, treating dryness and dandruffs. Bhrigraj, myrtle mahendi, acadia concinna shikakai and emblic myrobalan aola, give new strength to the hairs. Soap nut ritha, margosa neem, Indian valerian tagar, esculent fiacurtia bakuchi and turmeric, fights with the insecticides and are effective disinfectants, particularly in the root of hairs. Aloe vera, aola and kesh kanti stops hair loss and hair turning grey and keeps up shinning.

Weight 200 Ml
Item Package Quantity 1 Pcs

Delivery Only For Delhi NCR and Ludhaina

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